Secure Online Testing with “Live” Remote Proctoring

Computer Based Testing Services

“Live” Remote Proctoring

Written Exams

Our secure administration solution for online high stakes written examinations includes MonitorEDU’s “live” remote proctoring provided by our partner MonitorEDU and conforms to national accreditation standards.

Practical Exams

Paradigm and MonitorEDU’s provide unique ability to administer and remotely proctor practical examinations. Our solution disables the candidate’s smartphone for use as a mobile camera to accompany the candidate to various workstations, monitoring the entire process, and arranging for return shipment of work products (if applicable), under proctor supervision.

Video-based Oral Exams

Traditional methods to conduct on-site high stakes oral examinations are inconvenient to candidates and evaluators, involve considerable logistic complexity, and are very costly. Paradigm has developed a new, online solution for conducting large-scale oral examinations. Our patent pending technology matches candidates with evaluators and allows for all participants to communicate via “live” video streams, with simultaneous presentation of exam content, and collection of evaluator ratings. The oral examinations are also independently monitored by MonitorEDU’s “live” remote proctoring.

Longitudinal Assessments

Paradigm develops custom Longitudinal Assessment Programs (LAP) for medical specialty, and other professional programs. LAP’s can serve as a replacement for periodic recertification examinations, i.e., every 5-years, whereby diplomates complete short exams over an extended period of time. This approach allows for immediate, and interim feedback of performance, and optional comparisons with national peer cohort groups. LAP’s make the process of maintaining professional certification less burdensome for busy practitioners with limited time demands, and the convenience of online testing.

The Paradigm Testing Advantage